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Rooftop Party


Dating is more fun with friends. 



Why Together?

Dating with friends is more fun.

We're revolutionizing dating by bringing back the power of networking! Our philosophy is simple - good people attract good people, and we've applied that same principle to dating. With our platform, you can match with potential dates or friends and even set up group dates with your extended network. Once you've found your ideal company, the next step is deciding where to go, and we've got you covered. Our unique technology enables you to easily choose popular spots in your area that you and your crew will love. Plus, with our business partnerships, you might even snag a half-priced cocktail or free appetizer!

Made with you and us in mind,

The TogetherTeam



We've been there; dating apps want you to pay to help you find your person. We've put the power back at our users' fingertips and your local businesses. We've partnered with only the best of your local restaurants and fun companies to get our users' reasons to try new places by getting deals on food and drinks. We hope to bring business to your local spots and a good deal to our users.

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